Donate now to provide hospice to the poorest of the poor in Rwanda image

Donate now to provide hospice to the poorest of the poor in Rwanda

Your generous donation will alleviate the suffering and improve the quality of life for men, women & children living with incurable illness

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Palliative Care and Hospice ~ Adding Life to Days

In coordination with the Rwandan Ministry of Health and our local partners on the ground, Hospice Without Borders is providing the funding and technical support to insure all people have access to pain control, palliative care, and hospice.

Hospice Without Borders teams work in the slums of Kigali and the remote hills above Lake Kivu, Our focus is to insure that our committed partners have the resources and know how to care for the multitude of silently suffering men, women and children living and dying in pain.

'Peace begins in the Human Heart'

(a hospice story from Rwanda)

In the photograph on this page, we see nurse Peace working with Josefina, a lovely elderly Rwandan woman who was mightily struggling with an aggressive brain tumor. I the photo we see Peace teaching Josefina how to use oral morphine to relieve the pain associated with her cancer (while Josefina poses for the camera!)

After gaining access to hospice care and pain control, Josefina's life improved dramatically. Once her pain was controlled, Josefina began sleeping and eating better. She could walk a little and visit with friends and neighbors and participate in the life of her household. She came to know her wound will be tended properly, and she knew the hospice team will be with her on the journey right until her last breath.

Sadly we could not cure Josefina, she did ultimately die. But she died in her home without pain, with dignity and in peace.

In Rwanda there is a proverb that goes as follows: Buhoro Buhoro Nirwo Rugendo ~ Together all things are possible. Your support of Hospice Without Borders, helps us add 'life to the days' of people suffering with incurable illness like Josefina. Our shared work at Hospice Without Borders is to care for the dignity and quality of life of the destitute poor and terminally ill.

Please give what you can today and tomorrow to support this quiet and important work of cultivating peace, one person at a time.